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Love At First Visit

raynee meyer

“Dr. Harris was much more than a doctor to us.”

Raynee Meyer

When Raynee Meyer moved to the Twin Cities in 2013 from Louisville, Kentucky, she visited another healthcare clinic a few times — but wasn’t happy with it. When her neighbors suggested Southdale ObGyn, she decided to give it a try.“
My husband and I immediately clicked with Dr. Harris,” says Raynee, “and when we met Dr. Curran, we fell in love with him, too!”
The Meyers were considering having a baby together. But because of some family health issues, Raynee says, “we were very, very nervous about it.” She says both she and her husband were especially appreciative of Dr. Harris’ willingness to share some of her own experiences with them. “Dr. Harris was much more than a doctor to us. She helped us weigh everything. And we decided to take a leap of faith because we knew we would love our child, no matter what.”
When it came time for Raynee to give birth to her son, Dr. Curran was scheduled to perform the C-section. I was extremely nervous about having major surgery,” says Raynee, who also has a daughter from a previous marriage. “I felt like this was my first baby! But Dr. Curran put me at ease. And he even came to check on me at the hospital the next day, on his day off.”
Today Raynee can’t say enough about her Southdale ObGyn caregivers — from the nurses who provided timely answers to her questions (via the website portal) to the “extremely patient and supportive” physicians. “At Southdale ObGyn,” she says, “you know that everyone really cares about you and your well-being."