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Congratulations on your new pregnancy! We look forward to caring for you during this special time in your life and hope to make your prenatal visits as meaningful as possible. You will begin your regular prenatal visits at eight to twelve weeks of pregnancy. However, changes will begin to happen and questions will arise as soon as you become pregnant. We offer a free 2-hour Early Pregnancy Class that we encourage all of our newly expectant parents to take prior to their first prenatal appointment with us. We also recommend that our patients attend this class even if this is not your first pregnancy in order to be up-to-date on new information and office protocols. These classes are taught by our Certified Nurse Midwives.

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To Register:
View the upcoming class list and call our appointment line at 952-920-7001.

What will I learn?

○ Early Development of the Baby
○ The Physical and Emotional Changes of Pregnancy
○ Increase Nutritional Needs of Pregnancy○ Exercise During Pregnancy
○ Safe Medications and Chemicals During Pregnancy
○ Travel During Pregnancy
○ Illness During Pregnancy
○ Risks of Miscarriage○ Lab and Genetic Testing Options
○ Office Policies and Appointment Schedules
○ Resources during Pregnancy