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Infertility services offered in Edina and Burnsville, MN

Patients who experience infertility know how challenging it can be physically and emotionally. But while infertility is not easy to deal with, many patients achieve their family goals through safe, effective therapies. The caring providers at Southdale ObGyn will guide you through infertility evaluation and treatment with knowledge, sensitivity, and decades of experience. To schedule an evaluation, call either office in Edina or Burnsville, Minnesota. You can also request an appointment online, which is fast and easy.

Infertility Q & A

What can I expect from infertility services?

Every patient’s infertility situation is unique, and your provider at Southdale ObGyn will develop a comprehensive plan designed specifically for you based on the latest medical advancements. 

The highly skilled OBGYN providers ensure you thoroughly understand your options. They will support you in making the decisions that are right for you.

What should I ask at my infertility consultation?

You might want to ask the following questions at your first infertility appointment:

  • What specific tests do you suggest?
  • What types of treatments does Southdale ObGyn offer?
  • Are there certain lifestyle changes you recommend?
  • How do you decide which treatment is right for me?
  • How much do your treatments cost?

Your provider needs to learn as much as possible about your circumstances to determine the best way to proceed — quickly and accurately. Before your appointment, it helps to write down important information, including:

  • Your medical history
  • A list of all medications, supplements, and vitamins you take
  • Any questions you’d like to ask your Southdale ObGyn provider

Information about your attempts to become pregnant is also helpful, such as how long you’ve been trying and if you have had any miscarriages.

What are my treatment options for infertility?

At Southdale ObGyn, all infertility treatment regimens are tailored to the individual patient. Treatments may include any combination:

Cycle monitoring

Basal body temperature tracking and urine luteinizing hormone (LH) testing.

Fertility medications

Hormones, anti-diabetic medication like Metformin, and fertility drugs such as Clomiphene citrate, Gonadotropins, Letrozole, and Bromocriptine might be prescribed.

Follicular ultrasound

This includes a series of vaginal ultrasound scans to identify if a woman is ovulating and pinpoint when a follicle ruptures and releases an egg. Also called follicle tracking, it can help patients determine when intercourse should be done (for the best chance of conception). The best time duriing your cycle for conception.

Intrauterine insemination 

Commonly known as artificial insemination. The providers at Southdale ObGyn are able to perform intrauterine insemination (IUI). 

Southdale ObGyn can also refer you to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist or Infertility Specialist, if needed. This is separate from IUI.  

Every insurance plan covers infertility differently. Please get in touch with your insurance company to find out about your coverage for infertility evaluation, testing, and treatment.

To learn more about infertility and available options, contact Southdale ObGyn. Call either office to schedule an appointment or request one online today.