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Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care

Prenatal Care services offered in Edina and Burnsville, MN

Southdale ObGyn provides exceptional prenatal care for women during their pregnancies. The specialists treat each patient as an individual, tailoring care to her specific needs and striving to make pregnancy an enjoyable experience. The OBGYN practice is well-equipped to care for women with both uncomplicated and high-risk pregnancies. Schedule your prenatal care appointment by calling either office in Edina or Burnsville, Minnesota, or request an appointment online today.

Prenatal Care Q & A

What does prenatal care involve?

At Southdale ObGyn, the team focuses on each woman’s individual needs and supports a variety of prenatal care options, including:

  • Prenatal visits
  • Routine OB testing
  • Genetic screening
  • High-risk OB care
  • Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)
  • OB resources

You can schedule a tour of the birthplace at MHealth (Fairview) Southdale or MHealth (Fairview) Ridges.

How do prenatal care visits work?

Prenatal care begins around eight weeks of pregnancy. During your first prenatal visit, the team spends time with each patient reviewing their history, answering questions, and discussing expectations. Visits include:

New ObVisit Prenatal Education Class

The Prenatal Education Class (OB Class) is offered to all new OB patients and is highly recommended for first-time parents or if you're a new patient. Take this class before your first new OB appointment. There is no cost, and you can call either office to enroll.

The virtual class is held in the evening, and it reviews clinic policies, testing done during pregnancy, typical pregnancy symptoms, and changes to expect. Instructors briefly discuss breastfeeding, nutrition, exercise, travel, chemical exposure, and medication information.

8-10 Weeks Clinic Visit

The team reviews patient health and obstetric history, performs a physical exam and Pap smear, and draws routine prenatal labs. You’ll also discuss genetic testing options and have your first-trimester ultrasound (if not done at a previous visit).

12 Weeks Clinic Visit

The team will review genetic screening options, schedule genetic screening (if desired), and start fetal heart tone checks.

Click on the brochure page to see a full prenatal office visit schedule.

What can I expect at my OB testing prenatal care appointments?

Southdale ObGyn orders OB testing as part of your prenatal care. Blood samples and cultures are collected, and an outside laboratory performs analysis.

During your first prenatal visit (OB Welcome visit), the team performs the following:

  • Antibody screening
  • Blood type and Rh factor
  • CBC, Hepatitis B, HIV, Rubella
  • Syphilis screening
  • Cystic Fibrosis Screening (optional)
  • Cervical testing (Pap Smear, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia screening)
  • Urine testing

You have your first-trimester ultrasound at eight weeks. At 20 weeks, you have an anatomy ultrasound.

At your 26-28 week visit, you can expect the following:

  • Gestational Diabetes Screening
  • Cystic Fibrosis Screening (optional)
  • Antibody Screen 
  • Rhogam shot (if Rh Negative) at 28 weeks

Hemoglobin and Vaginal Testing for Group Beta Strep are done at 36 weeks. At first, follow-up visits are monthly until the third trimester, when they become more frequent.

Call either office to learn more about prenatal care and schedule your visit. Or request an appointment online today.