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Meet Lindsay Lewis

OBGYN in Edina and Burnsville, MN

Lindsay Lewis

Dr. Lindsay Lewis, MD, is a skilled physician at Southdale ObGyn. The practice has two locations with offices in Edina and Burnsville, Minnesota. 

She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Minnesota in Twin Cities, followed by her Doctor of Medicine at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She completed her residency at the University of Minnesota, Hennepin County Medical Center, Regions Hospital, and Methodist Hospital.

She is the second ObGyn physician in her family. Her older sister practices out-of-state. “I had many mentors—including my sister and in my residency—who were female leaders. It was a wonderful program. I also played soccer when I was young and am a huge fan of the Women’s World Cup. Young, confident, successful women have always inspired me.”

Dr. Lewis specializes in high-risk obstetrics, contraception, and minimally invasive gynecology. She’s interested in robotics and gained training and valuable experience during her residency in laparoscopy. She says, “It can provide a less invasive option” for diagnostics and surgery of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus.”

No two pregnancies or births are the same, and Dr. Lewis is well-prepared to support patients through the physical and emotional journey of pregnancy and high-risk obstetrics.

“I want to establish an open and trusting environment for my patients—no concern is too small,” says Dr. Lindsay Lewis. Of course, she also remembers being a 15-year-old. 

“I would not have been comfortable talking about women’s health issues – even with my doctor. Now I realize our doctors will not judge you for anything you say. Start a conversation. We need more voices and conversations to spotlight women’s health and normalize the conversation. It all starts with being open and trusting. Don’t be afraid.”

She enjoys reading, biking around the lakes, theatre, and traveling when she's not in the office. But she is most passionate about the Vikings! Could that be because her dad played for them?