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Mammography services offered in Edina and Burnsville, MN

Early detection saves lives. With early detection, the five-year survival rate is almost 100%. So don’t delay. Schedule your mammogram today at Southdale ObGyn. The team of skilled and compassionate OBGYN providers offers convenient screening mammography at both locations in Edina and Burnsville, Minnesota. Please call either office to set up an appointment, or request one online at your earliest convenience.

Mammography Q & A

What is mammography?

Mammography is a technique using low energy X-rays to diagnose and locate tumors in the breasts. It’s the process of examining the breast for diagnosis and screening purposes.

The goal of mammography is the early detection of breast cancer, usually through the detection of masses or microcalcifications.

What is the difference between a mammogram and mammography?

Mammography is specialized medical imaging that uses an X-ray system to see inside the breasts. A mammography exam, called a mammogram, allows for the early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases and cancer in patients.

What can I expect from my mammography appointment?

At Southdale ObGyn, mammography services and conveniences include:

  • Digital Mammography and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (2D and 3D)
  • Walk-in and Same-Day appointments

The OBGYN practice has offices in Edina and Burnsville. Depending on the location, services and conveniences may differ.

Should you get your mammogram at the same place every year?

Going to the same breast center every year is important in mammography screening. It’s essential to develop a lifelong relationship with your breast imaging specialists committed to the early detection of breast cancer. Most patients of average risk begin having annual screening mammograms at the age of 40 years.

Southdale ObGyn provides mammography at two locations:

Edina office

The Edina office is in partnership with CRL Imaging (the office next door). Southdale ObGyn is pleased to provide the convenience and enhanced services of screening mammography and other breast imaging examinations.

Southdale ObGyn established its partnership with Edina Breast Screening Specialists due to clinical expertise and respected reputation, ease of access, and support of patients. When scheduling mammography, please ensure you list Southdale ObGyn as your Provider. Previous exams from other facilities will be obtained by CRL staff for comparison.

*Edina Breast Screening Specialists are located at Consulting Radiologists, Suite 110, in the Southdale Medical Building, across the street from Southdale ObGyn.


The Southdale ObGyn Burnsville office provides screening mammography services in-office. This office uses The Hologic The Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam, which detects breast cancer earlier than 2D screenings alone.

The process for the exam is the same as a traditional mammogram—the technologist positions you, compress your breast, and take images from different angles. Once the technologist confirms the images, they’ll be sent to a radiologist for examination and report.

To schedule appointments for mammography and imaging, call either Southdale ObGyn office, or request an appointment online today.